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How to get a tick in Tick Tok. Verification

How to get a tick in Tick Tok denoting account verification, they want to know everything. Although the official TikTok test criteria are secret, this article will unveil the curtain.


  • What does tick tick mean
  • Gaining popularity
  • Popular author
  • Verified Account
  • Scammers

What does a tick in Tick Tok and when give?

When TikTok was Musical.ly, they gave “Crowns” – shown right next to the profile name, and they could be seen at any time. This was the recognition of the developers that the account is popular, and the content is known throughout the application. Published videos comply with the ideology of the application and do not violate the rules.

Today there are 3 types of TickTock account verification and each of them operates according to different rules. Let’s consider in order.

How to get a tick in Tick Tok with a blue circle “Popularity”?

The first option is the TikTok “Popularity” mark in your account. It looks like a blue circle with a white bird.

Based on direct observations, you can get a mark, in rare cases, if there are 20,000 active subscribers. But it’s better that the figure be at least 50,000 fans, and that doesn’t always help.

The status of the account is “Gaining popularity”, the TikTok algorithm activates itself, and not its management or maintenance staff.

In order for the robot to draw attention to you, you should resort to manipulation actions:

  • Post content regularly. Here, probably, everything is clear, any social platform will promote the profile with frequent publications and will quickly notice it.
  • The manifestation of activity is not only on your page, but you also need to watch videos of other tickers. Everything is mutual on this platform.
  • More creativity in the content. It is not clear how the robot calculates the level of creativity in the video, but this is not a person does. Do not stop at improving skills and implementing ideas.
  • A quick set of signatures (fans) will attract maximum attention to the account. You would also pay attention to the rapid growth of numbers in stores!

According to data from different accounts, the owners of which already know how to get a tick in Tick Tok, verification for verification occurs from the 1st to the 10th, and so every month. It is important to remember that the status can be obtained and easily lost when changing the parameters above. Always control the numbers and try to grow.

How to get a tick in Tick Tok “Popular author”?

The second version of verification. All the same blue circle is displayed in the profile as “Popular author”.

Popular author account

Everything, as in the first option, but to get it you need to recruit more than 200,000 subscribers. Throw “woods” in the form of cool videos otherwise you won’t get the coveted mark or you’ll lose it. Remember – the check will be 1 time in 2 months, 6 times a year.

The third option is displayed in the profile as “Verified account”.

How to get a tick in Tick Tok verified

This is the main and final stage before the coronation in the tick ticker with viral videos. This work is already performed not by the application algorithm, but by a person, an employee of Tik Tok.

An ordinary user can get such a mark in the presence of 1 million subscribers, but sometimes this is not enough. When you work on several platforms, for example, YouTube or Instagram, it will be easier to get verification, because statistics on the growth of content popularity are already visible by the work done.

All decisions are made according to statistics statistics. You can register at TickTock, publish 2 videos that will receive 25 views today, and tomorrow the number will increase to 300,000, and you will be immediately noticed. There were such cases. Maybe they do it on purpose, so that people strive for growth in Tick Tok, as a motivation.

I found a site where they will make verification faster and for money.

Today there is no website on the Internet that will provide verification in TikTok, despite the fact that several resources listed in the Google or Yandex search results suggest otherwise. The truth is that, like checking on Twitter or Instagram, only Tick-Tok employees and support groups assign status to a profile with a blue circle.

A long explanation is a bit of a warning. Those online resources and applications that sell verification, or say that the service is free, are scammers. Almost always, they request registration data on such resources, prompting TickTok users to transfer email and password to complete the transaction.

How to get a tick in Tick Tok without losing your account

If you pass on your account information to one of these fake services, a lot can go wrong. In the best case, this will be regarded as a violation of the rules of the application. Which will lead to the blocking or closure of the Tik-Tok account. Video collections will be deleted and access to everything that you did not save manually will be lost.

In the worst case scenario, the person, web resource or service that received the registration data may log in to the account on behalf of the owner and change the password. So they can blackmail to pull money out of you if you want to return everything back. Some volunteer an email name and password for personal use, study and work in order to benefit. They do not think that this is a potential loss of personal information.

Please think before you do something !!!

The purpose of this article was to provide you with all the necessary information on how to get a tick in Tick Tok and protect against the actions of scammers.

TikTok for brands: Advertising cost calculator

A small overview of the social network for brands: what you need to know to successfully launch advertising campaigns in TikTok.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a platform dominated by video content, namely vertical videos lasting 15-60 seconds. They can be edited: change the speed, add filters and masks, insert excerpts of songs from the internal library or independently download audio.

TikTok videos are not at all the same as Instagram stories. Here, the emphasis is on creativity of varying degrees of talent (therefore, here you will not find videos such as “here I eat” and “here I am stroking my dog” – they are not interesting to anyone in TikTok) and music videos.

TikTok Audience

  • If you still think that TikTok is a little-known social network, mostly popular in China, the following numbers are for you:
  • In December 2019, the Tik ‑ Tok app reached 1.5 billion downloads. Based on the statistics of the App Store and Play Market, it is downloaded more often than Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat.
  • To date, the social network is represented in 155 countries.
  • According to Datareportal, the monthly active audience of the application is about 500 million people.
  • GlobalWebIndex: 41% of the audience are people aged 16 to 24 years. At the same time, the platform has already begun to actively attract an adult audience: since September 2018, the number of tickers among the adult (21+) US population has doubled and reached 14.3 million in just six months.
  • 9/10 users log in to Tick Tok more than once a day.
  • According to BusinessofApps for 2019, users spend an average of 52 minutes in an application every day.

 According to Out Digital, TikTok in USA:

  • 6.8 million active users per month;
  • 8.1 billion video views per month;
  • 36 minutes – the average time the video was viewed per day;
  • seven times a day the user enters the application.

Advertise on TikTok

If you decide to launch an advertising campaign in TikTok, you have 2 options.

The first is to follow the path of “classic” targeted advertising: the criteria by which you can configure ads are similar to Facebook – location, age, gender, languages, interests, devices, etc. You can set conversions, clicks, or impressions as your campaign’s goals.

In addition, when placing advertisements using the TikTok dashboard, brands have tools for both native and direct advertising:

  • Standard full-screen banner – Tik ‑ Tok displays your advertisement immediately after entering the application.
  • Brand TakeOver – It looks like the previous format, but you can use short clips up to 5 seconds.
  • In ‑ feed ads – commercials in the feed. You can add voting cards, masks, effects, badges and other joys to them.

However, there are a number of nuances in working with an advertising account, for example, an initial account balance of $ 500 and a minimum daily budget of $ 50 for one campaign. Such details often push brands to another option of promotion through Tik ‑ Tok – direct cooperation with popular ticktokers, without mediation of the platform.

In this case, the advertising tools are already different:

  • Branded masks and filters – everything is like on Instagram. In TikTok, clips using various augmented reality (AR) effects are very popular, so this type of integration is most interesting. The effectiveness of such advertising is measured by the number of videos with a branded effect, the number of views of such clips, as well as the number of likes, comments and reposts.
  • Native product placement – this type of advertising integration assumes that you yourself will find a suitable blogger and arrange a collaboration with him. The reaction of the Tick-Tok audience to native or funny advertising is mostly positive, so this type of advertising works quite well.
  • The HashTag Challenge is one of the most effective ad formats in Tik Tok. The mechanics of launching such an advertising campaign involves a start among bloggers with a large audience, whose videos very quickly gain a large number of views. The effectiveness of this feature can be measured by the number of views of all user clips that participated in the promotional challenge, as well as the number of likes and comments. This format can also be launched from the Tik Tok Marketing team.

In the case of an independent search for bloggers – be prepared for unsystematic pricing. Advertising prices vary depending on formats, subjects and other circumstances. However, in almost all cases, one thing remains unchanged: influencers are paid more if they have a high level of audience involvement, as well as a large number of live, active subscribers who interact with their publications.

The most interesting accounts for advertising campaigns can be calculated using the Engagement Rate formula, which is traditional for social networks:

ER = (likes + comments) / followers * 100%

For greater accuracy, it is recommended to calculate the total coefficient of the order of the last 20 publications.

There is another way – use the special TikTok calculator. It will calculate the Engagement Rate of the account you are interested in, present data on the number of subscribers, likes, comments, and on their basis will calculate the estimated cost of advertising.

Audience statistics and internal account analytics

TikTok internal account analytics

Until recently, many brands bypassed TikTok for precisely this reason – it was difficult to measure the results of marketing efforts, as there were not enough analytical tools on the platform.

The following are some tips on how to find and use them:

# 1: Switch to TikTok Pro account to access TikTok Analytics

TikTok has its own analytics tool for Pro accounts, similar to Instagram Creator. The TikTok dashboard gives you an idea of ​​your audience and the effectiveness of published content.

Switching to a Pro account is easy. Start by navigating to your profile settings and clicking on the “Manage My Account” option. On the next screen, click Switch to Pro Account.

Next, you will be asked to select a category for your account. Categories include social activist, personal blog, education, media, entertainment, and more.

The last step is to enter the phone number for your account, and then the code that you will receive via SMS.

After setting up your Pro account, return to the Settings menu and you will see the Analytics option. Click this option to open the TikTok analytics panel.

Important: TikTok Analytics will only start recording data after switching to a Pro account. The toolbar will not display any historical data. You will need to wait up to 7 days until your account has accumulated enough data to start displaying the information. During this period, you should publish as much content as possible so that you can better understand analytics.

As soon as the analytical data begins to fill in, you can immerse yourself in the understanding of your account.

There are three main categories that TikTok displays in the toolbar of your account:

  • Profile Overview
  • Idea content
  • Sequence of ideas

Click on the tabs at the top of the Google Analytics screen to dive deeper into each category and find new ideas.

# 2: TikTok Analytics Profile Overview

The Profile Overview tab is useful for determining how well your TikTok profile works. This data includes the total number of video views, profile views and the number of subscribers.

You can use profile review data to interpret the sequence of users, from people who start consuming your content to those who become interested subscribers.

This allows you to estimate the conversion rate from the total number of video views to users who visit your profile, and then the conversion rate of those who are actually subscribed to your profile.

This analysis will help you prepare an effective content strategy. When you have a clear idea of ​​the degree of conversion of your content, you can start planning a publication schedule and more accurately determine the growth rate of your account.

# 3: TikTok Analytics Subscribers Data

The TikTok analytics tab displays the demographics of your audience on the Subscribers tab. You can see the gender breakdown and percentage breakdown of your audience by location.

# 4: TikTok Analytics Content Data

The Content tab in TikTok analytics contains the most interesting posts. In the top-level view, you can see the total number of views of each video post over the past 7 days, displayed in order from the newest to the oldest.

It also shows which of your videos were popular on the For You page during this period, as well as the total number of views of these videos throughout the process.

Analytics for each post includes:

  • Number of posts
  • Total number of comments
  • Total shares
  • Total video playback time
  • Total video views
  • Average viewing time
  • Types of traffic sources
  • Audience area

Audience geolocation data helps determine whether a particular piece of content matches different demographic metrics for an audience.

Having studied the binding of the territory to individual messages, you can compare this data with the territories of your general audience shown on the “Subscribers” tab. Then see if different forms of content resonate with a new audience from different places. If you notice that certain posts work better in certain places, you can double the creation of such content and come up with new ideas for Tick Tok.

As an evolving platform, TikTok presents a unique opportunity for brands seeking to attract more youth. If you were curious to try TikTok as a social channel, now is the time to start. The above services and tools will help to create effective pr-campaigns and easily track the results from the platform.

Of course, before moving on to the platform, make sure that TikTok is perfect for your brand. If your target audience does not include the average user of the platform, you may not need to allocate resources for experiments.

When is it best to upload videos to Tick Tok?

When is it best to upload videos to Tick Tok? You probably asked this question, even if you are a ticker or just downloaded the application. You also asked yourself: how to get subscribers to Tick Tok for free?


  1. Tips for uploading video to Tick Tok
  2. Find your X factor
  3. Conclusion

And you are not alone when it comes to finding answers to both puzzles. The truth is that finding the right time to post content on social networks is not easy. Of course, there are a lot of statistics and ideas for various platforms, but trends are formed and change almost daily. It is important to know when you generate tons of likes and subscriptions at a particular hour of the day, this does not guarantee that publications will tend.

So, how do you find the best time to publish to Tick Tok? And how do you maximize the creation of video content to attract more subscribers? In this article, we will ask two important questions that you should ask yourself in order to know when to upload videos to Tik Tok for users. Once you answer these questions, you will need to find a way to increase your audience.

To help, we’ll share tips you can use to create an attractive TikTok account. You can also see some results from over 100,000 publications that we have analyzed to find the best engagement rates.

  • When is it better to upload videos to Tick Tok
  • Best Time to Post to Tick Tok
  • Tips when it is better to upload video to Tick Tok

Social media has created an ongoing need for content consumption. Whether it’s a video, GIFs or article links, people like to flip through their channels to find something to pass the time. And while creating video content should always be your goal (something we will also look at below), you also need to know when you need to reach your audience.

Here are two questions you can ask yourself to find the best time to upload videos to Tick Tok:

Where is your audience located?

Tik Tok, like all social media platforms, has a global user base. For example, 1 out of 7 people in Thailand downloaded the app. There are over 20 million users in India, while China is included in the gigantic 150 million and more than 14 million in the United States.

Why do these numbers matter?

Well, if you have a global Internet audience, it automatically affects how much content you produce. This also applies to when you should post videos. Time zones automatically determine how much of your video content will be viewed during the busiest hours within a given country.

How do you use this information to find the time when it’s best to upload videos to Tick Tok?

First, find out where your subscribers are. Tick ​​Tok offers the ability to turn your regular account into a Pro Account. Profiles with the PRO prefix are equipped with a set of new functions, one of which includes analytics.

Analytics will show how many followers you have, what is their gender split, and the territories from which your followers come. If you have not switched to a Pro account yet, do so directly.

What time does your audience wake up?

You have already figured out where your online audience is. Now it’s time to find out when they woke up.

This part may seem a little complicated, but it’s actually a simple matter of understanding time zones. For example, if you are in Kiev and you have followers in Moscow and Kiev, the time difference is only one hour. In this case, you have enough time to track when subscribers wake up. In fact, with such a small time difference, your publication schedule will not be disrupted.

On the other hand, if you have a large audience in North America and the UK, this is different, you will have a plan and a schedule of media content with a time difference of eight hours.

Unfortunately, TickTock has some kind of scheduling function. In addition, there are no social media management apps yet that would allow you to link your Tik Tok account to publish or schedule content.

But how to solve the problem?

Schedule content to cover the large areas fans come from.

It will also be difficult to maintain if you have fans in countries with a large time difference, but it seems that this is the only way to cover the placement of media content for your own Internet audience.

Having established when it’s best to upload videos to Tick Tok, the time has come to share our tips on how to recruit subscribers for free.

Find your X Factor

If you want to attract an audience, you have to find something that makes you special. Most people think that your X factor is a skill or physical trait, but it’s not. This is a set of characteristics that stand out outside your appearance. Your appearance and skills complement your X-Factor.

For example, Logan Paul and Lisa Kosh are known for funny and crazy short videos. They have a keen sense of humor. Both of them have strong comedic personalities that they let shine on social networks.

Not sure what your X Factor is? Ask friends and family what you like best. You will have enough time to move forward immediately.


The growth in the number of subscribers to Tik Tok depends on a number of factors. First, you need to know where your audience is. Then you need to set the best time to publish on TikTok based on the time zone difference (yours and theirs). Together, these factors will help you determine when your followers are likely to be on the Internet and search for more of your content.

But to increase user engagement, you will need more than the right time of day to post video content. Look for your special feature and share it, create more content, use collaborations with tickers and hashtags. If you consistently apply these tips, then you will be on the right track to the growing number of followers in the shortest possible time.

Tick Tok Challenges 2020.

Challenge Tick Tok is a great way to advance on the platform. The most important thing is free, on your own and talent. The video community is driven by the Tik Tok challenge. This is a direct motivation of users to create new content. That is how healthy competition in TickTock formed. Each ticker is given a chance to stand out from the others and create an original video .

In this section you will learn about Tick Tok Challenge, what it is and what it is eaten with. Stay current and keep up with trends. We will help you become popular and earn a bunch of dough. Go.

Tick ​​Tok Challenge what is it?

Generally Challenge in translation from English Challenge means:

  • the problem
  • difficulty
  • task
  • challenge
  • to challenge
  • complicated
  • uneasy

Tik Tok challenge, in simple words – this is when your friends say: “Can you repeat it yourself?”. The popularity of this action in TikTok is easily explained. The program’s functionality allows you to add hashtags , create duets and quickly edit clips in 15 seconds.

The important thing is that 2/3 of the audience of Tick Tok are young people under 30 years old. They want to assert themselves, to test their strengths, to get emotions and still earn money, if everything is organized correctly. Only now all the calls, to perform any actions, come not only from friends, but also from subscribers or users who first downloaded TikTok to the gadget.

A simple video can cause a storm of positive emotions in the audience, and account activity will increase several times, without the use of prohibited methods of promotion.

Tick ​​Tok Challenge can be in any format – dangerous, harmless, funny and even useful. All calls are divided into categories:

  1. Official from advertisers or Tik Tok administration. It can be an event, for example, the holiday of May 9, New Year and others.
  2. Independent from users (bloggers). These are mainly ideas that are not paid at the end of the call and without a winner.

TikTok challenge, both organic and sponsored, is often a combination of three elements: text , sound and movement (usually a choreographic dance ). Challenges Beginning start-up tickers, popular bloggers or artists with a large number of subscribers can launch. Brands also participate in events that have invested in Tick Tok ads.

How to challenge in Tick Tok?

To create an official challenge will cost a tidy sum. As an option, there is a way to raise your starting capital – record video in TikTok under a popular challenge. Celebrities already have a fan base and they help make money on the platform. But you are on the way to glory.

What to do next?

After you select a challenge from the list below, we proceed according to the plan:

  1. Write a script for the clip, be creative and you will be remembered by other ticktokers. Define an image in which you appear before subscribers and other users, work out the situation. You may need a props, find it or do it yourself.
  2. Equip your shooting area with good lighting.
  3. Make sure that the device is working properly and has sufficient charge. Do not forget about the time of the video, no more than 60 seconds. In some cases, recording acceleration (up to a maximum of three times) helps.
  4. Be sure to use the same audio file specified in the job.
  5. Use available masks, effects, smiles, stickers, filters.
  6. Before publishing, be sure to add the hashtag challenge Challenge Tok Tok.

Choose the best challenge 2020

Challenges are now often published in connection with self-isolation. Our updated list will help you choose the one that suits you. Keep track of new things daily and stay in trend.

Tick ​​Tok Challenge Piss In Pants

Quarantine for some people did not give a positive result. Everything is a little aggravated and slowly mankind is going crazy. This is confirmed by the unusual or even crazy challenge of Tok Tok #peeyourpantschallenge. The task is: You have to stand in front of the mirror and piss in your pants. Video recording by another person is allowed, but the condition to urinate is not canceled.

User @ liamw2 was the first to launch challenge Pee your pants with unique promotion ideas in Tick Tok. His video became viral in a few hours and was removed for inappropriate content on the platform.

After some time, the video reappeared. But the ticker was already in dry shorts and pissed again. After the second publication, other weak-minded people began to join the performance (in any other way). It soon became a real challenge.

Challenge in Tick Tok with hands: Hand washing is a key way to protect yourself and your loved ones. All you need to do is spend 40 seconds of your time! In collaboration with WHO, TikTok encourages everyone to keep their hands clean and safe. Participate in Challenge #Clean Hands and show what you think while washing hands. Join in support of the World Health Organization against COVID-19.

EduTok: TikTok’s most popular challenge to date is encouraging users to create educational and motivational content around a variety of topics. In addition to this task, the application launched a mentoring program with leading social enterprises Josh Talks and the Nudge Foundation, which will reach 5,000 young people in 6 Indian states with lower literacy levels.

Hobbies at home: Share your favorite hobbies that you can do at home 

Earth Hour: Support the WWF Earth Hour initiative at TickTok! Share eco tips with the hashtag # Earth Hour or use the new sticker and take part in the quiz. Most importantly – do not forget to turn off the light on March 28 at 20-30.

Environmental education; On the eve of the Earth Hour action, take part in the WWF Russia and the EU project; People are nature. You need to draw attention to environmental issues and share videos on environmental education with Mia Boyka in a week. Share your videos with #Enlightenment #Everyone can #part of the earth.

Tick ​​Talk Uno Challenge; Challenge in support of Little Big at the main European music competition in 2020! Shoot videos for the new UNO track and join the #unovisionchallenge!

Chair challenge: This Challenge with Tick Chair #chairchallenge drives men crazy! Why is it easier for women than men? Can you prove that men can win this competition too? Let’s do that!

  1. The participant needs to move 3 steps from the wall, bend 90 °.
  2. Focus the head against the wall.
  3. Press stool to chest.
  4. Then stand upright with a chair at the chest.

I can: Take a video and tell us what you want to do with this sound

Best in pet; How much do you love your pet ? Shoot a video and share with everyone with the hashtag #better

guess who: Record yourself with friends standing with their backs to the camera and turn with them! Anyone who brings face tracking closer to everyone will buy sweets for a month

How to quickly create a cool nickname for Tik Tok?

Nickname (Eng. – nickname) or nick (Eng. – nick) translation from English into Russian means “nickname, chased, nickname, rattle.” Used on the Internet. These are any social networks, blogs, forums and chats. You are unique because you do not have namesakes or namesakes.

Nickname is your face in Tik Tok reflecting your essence, character, interests, goals. The nickname may look different. It can be an explosive mixture of letters from the Latin alphabet, the Russian alphabet, numbers, symbols, signs designating a name or event.

Choose nicknames with a hidden meaning that is known only to its owner or a certain circle of people.

A cool nickname in Tick Tok with viral videos creates a reputation and attracts a lot of subscribers. When registering a Tik Tok account through VK, OK, Facebook, Instagram, the nickname will be temporarily pulled from the used social network. This may be the address of the profile page. Nickname changes at any time.

What nicknames for girls and boys are prohibited in Tick Tok

Before you register a cool nickname for a girl in the application, you need to be instructed on the use of prohibited names. Tik Tok has its own compliance criteria, according to which the nickname should not contain:

  1. obscene language and slang words (even in a veiled form);
  2. phrases of a sexual or erotic nature;
  3. insults to other users and famous people;
  4. religious, racial and other types of discrimination;
  5. provocative slogans.

It is important to know that the application supports exclusively Latin letters and Russian letter layout (for Russian-speaking regions). You can come up with names in Russian, and write them in Latin. For convenience, we offer a free transliteration service.

In case of inconsistency of the pseudonym, the administration reserves the right to refuse registration or delete an account. We advise you not to waste time. Tick ​​Tok motto – Every second counts. Creating a unique nickname is very simple. We offer to consider ways of self-generation and see examples of popular names.

How to come up with a cool nickname for Tick Tok

How often do you have to register on different sites, forums, chats and social networks? We create accounts to play online games, second pages from your computer or gadget in social networks. The main problem has been and remains – the generation of a new name, surname or pseudonym. It happens that the username is already taken.

10 unique options for creating a cool and memorable nickname for Tik Tok:

  1. Substitute someone else’s last name in your name. You are Vova Sidorov, and you will be @vovapyatochkin.
  2. Look at the color or pattern of your linen at the moment, remember what you ate for breakfast yesterday. Next, combine the data. The result could be like this: @zelenayagrechassosisoj
  3. Sometimes we make mistakes when we write text. Incorrectly press a letter on the keyboard or touch the excess and it turns out rubbish. This will help in creating a nickname. @Tikutokero. For example, girls can mix up one letter in the name of a friend of Karin and can turn out Canina.
  4. Why not borrow the account name from your favorite character in the game, movie or pet. Remember childhood, when fantasy was at its peak and you came up with nicknames for everyone. @elvinzhirobas
  5. Dictionary to help you. Take any word or phrase in your native language and translate into any language in the world. For example, I like to hang out the phrase, and in English @ lovetoparty
  6. You can take one of these options and register backwards on the front. Was Carolina, but became @anilorak
  7. Replace the letters of the name with signs or a combination of letters and numbers. It may turn out this: I – ee, To – 2, H – 4, A – @.
  8. Refer to the history of ancient Greece and to the gods of that time – afina, zevs, afrodita, gerakl. Perhaps they will hear you.
  9. Remove one letter from your name and surname to get a unique nickname.
  10. The latter method is covered in mystery and mystery. It is used by the most advanced Internet users. Free nickname generators online. Choose any site and plunge into a new world.

It is important to remember that before each name the @ symbol, better known as a dog, is necessarily written.

TOP 5 popular sites for generating nicknames in Tik Tok

The name in Tik Tok needs to be chosen bright, exclusive, which will match your image. For some new users, this will be difficult to do. For beginners, one of the popular online nickname generators will come to the rescue. Programs are relevant for use on computers and smartphones with tablets.

To do this, you need to perform a number of simple steps:

  1. Follow the link to the service for creating a unique name.
  2. Each resource has its own rules for registering and creating a nickname. Choose a suitable site.
  3. Create nicks and use them in Tick Tok

Using one of the services that allow you to create memorable nicknames, you can generate nicknames for yourself, for your profile in Tick Tok, as well as for friends. Someone even think of selling, ready-made. English and Russian languages ​​are offered, the length of the name is from 3 to 12 characters, the number of syllables is from 2 to 5. The choice of result (the number of given names is from 1 to 100). The nicknames you generated can be copied to your own text archive. Other users will not get your result already.

How to change nickname to tick current in three steps

If you are tired of your nickname in Tick Tok, you can change it to another. It is important to remember that after changing the nickname, within 30 days it will not be possible to change any information in the profile.

  1. Locate the Tik Tok application icon on the main screen.
  2. Log in to your profile with the credentials that you provided during registration.

The red button “Change profile” will be active on the screen. Click it and make changes

Best hours to publish TikTok videos and boost your profile

Finding the perfect time to publish content on social networks is not easy. In addition, the fact that you generate tons of Likes and dislikes for a certain type of content, at a certain time of day, does not guarantee that your next post will be a trend.

How do you find the best times to publish to TikTok, and how do you maximize your content creation to attract more followers?

Once you’ve answered those questions, you’ll find a way to grow your audience.

To help you, we’ll share tips you can use to create an attractive TikTok account, one that will help you gain more followers.

You can also see some of the results of the more than 100,000 posts we analyze to find the best deception rates.

Where Is Your Audience Found? 

TikTok, like all social platforms, has a worldwide user base. For example, 1 in 7 people in Thailand have downloaded the app.

In India for example, there are more than 20 million users, while in China they reach the gigantic 150 million. Aldo, more than 14 million in the United States.

Why are these numbers important to publish?

Well, if you have a global audience, it automatically influences the amount of content you produce.

It also has weight on when you should publish the content.

Time zones automatically prescribe that much of your content will be seen during peak hours in a certain part of the world.

How do you use this information to find the best time to publish to TikTok?

First, identify where your followers are coming from. Now TikTok gives you the opportunity to turn a normal user account into a Pro account.

Pro accounts come with a set of new features, one of which includes statistics.

The statistics will tell you how many followers you have, divide them by gender, and tell you the main countries they come from. If you haven’t switched to a Pro account yet, here’s how to do it:

Open the application and visit your profile. Then access the privacy and settings section by pressing the three dots in the top right corner of your mobile phone screen.

Finally, go to Switch to Pro Account.

Follow the steps (this may include verifying your mobile number if you haven’t already done so). Once your account has been converted to a Pro Account, you will be able to access your statistics.

In the privacy and settings section, click on the Statistics option in the Account section. Click on the Followers tab and find your audience details.

What time is your audience awake?

You know where your fans are. Now, it’s time to find out when they are awake.

This part may seem a little difficult, but it’s really just a matter of knowing the time zones.

For example, if you’re in Thailand and you have tons of followers from India and Thailand, there’s only about an hour and 30 minutes time difference to consider.

In fact, with such a small time difference, your publishing schedule won’t be affected.

On the other hand, this will be different if you have large audiences in North America and the UK. You’ll have to plan and schedule content 8 hours apart.

Unfortunately, TikTok does not have any planning features. Also, there is no social network management app (yet) that allows you to link your TikTok account to publish or schedule content.

The solution?

You’ll have to build a content program to cover the larger territories from which your followers come.

This may not be very nice. It will also be difficult to maintain if you have audiences in countries with large time differences, but it seems to be the only way to cover publishing content for your audience (for now).

Having established when to publish content for your audience, it’s time to share our tips for growing your audience.

Find your X-Factor

If you want to attract a larger audience, you must find what makes you special. Many people believe that x-factor is a physical characteristic or ability, but it is not. It is a quality or set of qualities that stands out beyond your appearance. Your appearance and your abilities are a complement to your x-factor.

For example, Logan Paul is famous for his crazy and funny videos. He shines through his sense of humor.

You’re not sure what your X-Factor is? Ask your family and friends what they like best about you. You’ll instantly have the answer you need.

Increase Your Content Production

This seems obvious, but it is also a little difficult to achieve. Creating more content in TikTok requires more creativity. But you don’t have to constantly come up with new ideas. In fact, you can easily document what you’re doing.

Documenting is much easier than constantly producing funny sketches. And it’s faster to record with your phone and share what’s new with your audience than to spend hours planning and recording for the perfect shot.

Collaborate With Other TikTokers to publish

Using one social network to share a message on another with a new or larger group of followers is something you can do. If you share your content with a fellow TikToker audience, you’ll have access to a larger following.

The advantage?

On the way you’ll be able to get more new followers.

In the following example, Logan Paul made a collaboration with Mark Dohner. The video generated +932,500 Likes and was shared 1500 times.

Final considerations on the best times to publish on TikTok

The growth of your followers in TikTok is based on several factors. First, you need to know the target audience.

Then, you need to set the best time to post to TikTok in different time zones (yours and theirs).

These factors together help you determine when your audience is most likely to be online, looking for more of your content.

But to grow your audience, you’ll need more than just the right time of day to post content.

You need to find your special quality and share it, produce more content, and encourage collaborations and hashtags.

If you apply these tips consistently, you will immediately be on your way to increasing your follower count.

Which agencies are looking for influencers to promote on TikTok?

Agencies are a fundamental part of TikTok’s monetization process. Therefore, we have dedicated this post, to know a little more about the world of agencies.

Each one of them allows influencers to get creative. This, to the extent that they can make agreements to promote their products or services.

This is important because many creators in TikTok are looking to monetize their creations. All this in order to get money for it.

Also and growing their fame and even achieve an agreement with some brand. Nevertheless, brands work mostly with advertising agencies. This agency is the one that sets the trends within digital marketing.

Over the past few years, we have written on numerous occasions about Musical.ly’s potential for influencer marketing. When combined with a community that exists under that name, Musical.ly is now TikTok.

However, the potential for the success of influencer marketing is still prominent.

Many of the leading influencer marketing agencies recognized this and included TikTok in their compilation of communities they work with.

For all these reasons, we introduce you to the agencies we consider to hire the most TikTokers.


Fanbytes is the most important network of TikTok influencers around the world.

It assists brands like Warner, Atlantic and Universal to reach the youngest audience on TikTok and with an ensemble of Millennials and Generation Z. They meet the requirements to do so.

Their Generation Z experience has earned those investments from the Kamani family, the makers of Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing, which is proof of their understanding of how to reach younger audiences.

They work closely with global brands to develop campaigns using their experience in well over 100 TikTok influencer campaigns.

Whether it’s duet chains, transition challenges, or meme-style content, their understanding of what works in TikTok.

That enabled them to publish viral campaigns, as well as the Major Lazer operation that reached the TikTok trends page and made well over 50,000 videos about that song.

And most importantly, they have so much faith in their knowledge and experience in TikTok that they guarantee results and commitment for every operation they launch.


Obviously it is a full-service influencer marketing agency that works with brands and influencers from most communities, introducing TikTok.

They adjust each operation to the business pretensions. They are dedicated to all aspects of influencer marketing, offering a complete and exceptional service for companies that require assistance with their influencer campaigns.

The professionals at Obviously understand the social media landscape very well.

They will guide you to the ideal channel for your brand and ensure that you get the highest benefit from your influencer operation.

If your brand is targeting a young audience (with a female bias), then TikTok could fit very well into your influencer marketing.

It will obviously advise you and provide you with help in finding the special influencers for your operation.

They have the possibility to manage your network in every step of the operation, from identifying influencers to relationship management, to find the re-engagement.

Obviously alerts the influencers when their products arrive, gives advice on content, and filters the publications by their quality.

When an influencer has concerns throughout an operation. Also, Obviously handles them lightly and effectively. This fact keeps the influencer happy and freeing the brand from stress.


The UK-based influencer-marketing agency, PMYB, has long recognized the consideration of TikTok (formerly Musical.ly). Specially, for brands that focus on young audiences, mainly with a bias towards female audiences.

The authors of TikTok are impeccable at targeting Generation Z.

PMYB notes that the most important requirement for a successful community is that its individuals feel part of a social network. TikTok succeeds admirably in fulfilling this purpose.

Hundreds of authors that PMYB collaborates with on TikTok go viral (some directly on TikTok, others outside of it).

PMYB offers to work with special niche influencers – both on TikTok and on the other networks. In fact, they generally have a list of 17,000 influencers from well over 40 industries.

They call their top influencers, Chromo-Influencers.

PMYB rates each influencer according to 46 essential data points that they have found to contribute to dominance. They call these Chromo-Factors. Only 3% of primary influencers are genuine Chromo-Influencers.


Mediakix is a rigidly established American influence-marketing agency, which provides a wide range of services to its users. This has within it working with TikTok influencers when it is important for the operation of a brand.

The agency was created in 2011 and aims, through influencer marketing, to connect leading brands around the world with passion and socially engaged audiences.

It’s brand and sponsored content campaigns engage audiences, develop brand awareness, brand loyalty, and product sales.

Mediakix responsibly created a network of the special TikTok authors, to be joined by their YouTubers, Instagrammers, Snapchatters and most other communities.

Generally, MediaKix’s network of influencers reaches an audience of well over 25 million followers. In addition, they realized the value of cross-promotion of TikTok content on other interfaces such as Twitter and Instagram.

Once we have seen the most important agencies worldwide or at least by continent, we can realize the potential of TikTok.

That’s why it’s important to visit each of them and see if your content can be liked by some of these agencies.

The power of digital marketing has crossed all borders and this could be your opportunity. Take advantage of all the tools that exist such as those on our website to get the most out of TikTok.

The History and future about TikTok in five minutes

The history and future of TikTok is the chronicle of two apps. Most of TikTok’s western audience initially belonged to Musical.ly. However, its eastern audience was more familiar with the original app. Therefore, TikTok still runs as a separate version of the application called Douyin in China.

While Musical.ly was incredibly popular in the U.S., Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang created it in Shanghai, China, lifelong friends.

They launched the application in August 2014. The former Musical.ly influencers at this time are the TikTok influencers.

The influencers also juggled positions and at this moment, Loren Gray is leading the TikTok lists. There is also Charlie D’ Amelio.

The official version of TikTok is newer than Musical.ly. In September 2016. Bytedance released it as Douyin in China and a year later entered the foreign market as TikTok.

Soon after, Bytedance made the decision to expand its offering. On November 9, 2017 they bought Musical.ly.

Thus, they merged both interfaces internationally on August 2, 2018. The creator still gives the original Douyin application in China, but as a separate application on his web portal.

Neither TikTok nor its predecessor Musical.ly provide many statistics publicly. Among other things, it is much more complicated to find lists of followers than in most other communities.

However, with such a cool history, it’s not hard to find out some of their statistics. Let’s start with this appealing aspect of TikTok’s development in previous years.

TikTok will mark the history and future of social networking

4th most common free application downloaded for iphone

Although app downloads per month, vary greatly, TikTok ranked fourth in the list of most downloaded iPhone apps in 2019.

The only apps with the most downloads were YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. TikTok was even able to achieve more downloads on Apple’s mobile interface than Facebook, Messenger, Gmail and Netflix.

2nd most popular free application downloaded for iphone

If you combine Apple Store and Google Play downloads, TikTok was the second most downloaded application on the planet through 2020, surpassed only by WhatsApp. The history and future of TikTok may change very soon.

It benefited from the late surge in the last three-month period, moving from 4th to 2nd position. TikTok achieved 738M downloads between iOS and Android in 2019 alone.

119 million active individuals in India. History and future my friends!

India is another country with a lot of teenagers who like TikTok. There are currently well over 119 million active users in India. In fact, in the first 11 months of 2019 alone, TikTok was downloaded 277.6 million times in India.

Extremely common in several Asian countries

Support for TikTok grew dramatically in most Asian countries. In addition to the nations listed separately here, TikTok is especially appreciated in Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The history and future of TikTok can be seen growing as time goes by.

800 million active individuals worldwide

The volume of several of the less common markets could easily be neglected. By 2018, the original TikTok/ Douyin application reached 500 million active users per month globally, primarily through video recognition in communities in China.

Since then, TikTok recognition has grown at a rapid pace. Wallaroo projected that from that point on, TikTok would have increased its individual base to 800 million.

History and future: Available in 39 languages

TikTok has entered the arena worldwide and is currently usable in 39 languages. This speaks volumes about the history and future of the application.

Rarely, one sees different criticisms regarding the proportion of languages accessible in TikTok.

According to Wikipedia and numerous other online sources (including the latest version of this article), TikTok is usable in 75 languages.

On the other hand, the TikTok support service states that “Currently TikTok is usable in 39 languages. You can change the language displayed in your TikTok application at any time.

3.5 million estimated monthly earnings

TikTok’s profits grew in proportion to its increased popularity. Even though the latest accessible amounts arise from before TikTok introduced its advertising market, they still detail a remarkable increase in earnings per month.

Continuing with the history and future of TikTok, let’s talk about 2018. It was earning $3.5 million per month from purchases within the application, such as emojis and digital gifts. With the first part of the formal advertising market, possibly TikTok’s capital at this time is considerably higher than this.

Over 90% in Android gadgets

Echoing the market dominance of the Android mobile device, over 90% of TikTok downloads were made on Android gadgets. The unique distinction to this is the USA, where there are more individuals with iOS. The vast majority of the 190.6 million TikTok fans in India use the Android edition of the app. This is an important fact of the app’s history and future.

Nine out of ten TikTok individuals use the app numerous times a day

According to TikTok’s official statistics, its individuals are loyal and continue to resort to enforcement. In fact, 90% of the individuals use the application many times a day.

52.1% commitment rate

While there are many ways to calculate the duty rate, Cloutmeter suggests that TikTok individuals average a healthy engagement of 52.1%.

Like most communities, these rates vary quite a bit according to the proportion of followers. TikTok individuals with less than 1,000 followers have an average engagement rate of 144.9%.

This number decreases as the proportion of followers rises, with a remarkable drop from 74.1% of participation for 10,000-50,000 followers, to 10.6% for 50,000-100,000 followers. We hope you enjoyed what we consider the history and future of TikTok.

The challenges that have made the TikTok money calculator explode

Before we talk about the challenges that have become viral TikTok, let’s hear some history. When Vine closed two years ago, it left a colossal hole in our hearts.

All this was until we discovered TikTok, the new but not really new community interface. There, individuals post short 15-second videos of something. They make everything from jokes and dance challenges to pet videos in funny costumes.

The Chinese community TikTok, first popular as Musical.ly in the US, had a surprising rise. It became a never-ending source of short, creative sketches, similar to the even shorter Vine parodies.

It is most popular for its performance memes and lip-syncing based on music and other sound clips.

These are played and remixed among his adolescent subjects more than anything else. That’s why it’s also commonly referred to as the lip-sync app.

Anyway, if you think TikTok is a bit cringe and bizarre, it’s because you probably grew up in the era before this community.

Generation Z loves the entertaining online interface and right now several are making money off of it.

It’s easy, entertaining, and disrespectful. It’s also a refreshing change of pace from more serious interfaces like Twitter and Facebook.

Also, it’s the ultimate procrastination application and can hook you on your phone for hours.

All this, is thanks to the challenges, too. By the way, challenges represent a way to engage and interact with your audience.

It’s also a way to viralize the content. So we bring you some of the global challenges and campaigns that have impacted the world.

I’m already tracer video

The video “I’m Already Tracer” became the definition of a catchy tune. The meme is a succession of duets in which individuals record videos of themselves performing a lip-sync of the lyrics of The Living Tombstone’s song “No Mercy”.

It all started in 2017 when the YouTube Mashed channel uploaded an animated music video for the song.

The song has a segment inside where the YouTubers Black Gryphon and LittleJayneyCakes sing a fight about which individuals have to choose in the Overwatch game.

The extraction of the song became hundreds of videos of TikTok individuals representing their own version of the lyrics and reached cult status.

Dance on the stairs challenges

Who doesn’t love a catchy dance? Add to this some dancers coordinating a chorus on the stairs and you’ve got a viral meme.

The difficult purpose of TikTok’s stair shuffle dance challenge was to have so many individuals moving around on the stairs.

It even led to the construction of manuals about how to perform the dance. The melody is simply addictive. BTW, don’t try to do this at home without adult supervision.

Adele’s Gummy Bear Song

The scene begins with a lonely gummy bear singing the first expressions of Adele’s song “Someone like you” to the four winds.

Then Adele’s microphone is cut off and the audience sings to the rest of the chorus as the camera slides over a crowd of gummi bears.

The crowd of gummi bears stretches as far as the eye can see as hundreds of bears sing with Adele. It is the happy video of the year and inspired similar productions in TikTok.

Karma is a bitch challenge

The difficult purpose of “Karma is a Bitch” is the ultimate revenge. In it, individuals start a video in which they look normal. Then, they pass a scarf, blanket or piece of clothing over their heads to reveal a beautiful, hotter or more interesting look.

There is also an ironic edit where the individuals detail themselves equally after removing the blanket, pointing out the hashtag #showyourbeauty.

Disguised pets

Beyond what attracts us, why does the crowd disguise their pets? To make entertaining videos on TikTok.

These guys who dress up their dogs as stuffed animals and have them run around in the corridor finally have a sense of humor, and that’s what the app is all about.

If you want to laugh, watch it. It’s unbelievably entertaining.

Interpretations of Taylor Swift’s songs

In April, pop sensation Taylor Swift released her single “Me!” with Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco. The video shows kaleidoscopic pastel colors, dance outfits, and numerous costume and level changes.

At this point it’s tilt with the hard purpose of fulfilling #AnotherLikeMe. Swift in its official TikTok account released a part of the music video “Me” with the hashtag #AnotherLikeMe and the text: “Show us your best dance recreations, use the MEdancechallaenge and let’s find our favorites”. Out of nowhere, the hard purpose went viral.

It wasn’t the first time one of Swift’s songs took the power of TikTok. The app is full of videos with Swift’s songs as the soundtrack.

Nala the cat

Nala is an 8-year-old cat. She’s a mixture of a tabby and a Siamese cat. She was crowned by the New York Shorty Awards as the TikToker of the Year in 2018. She was rescued from a shelter after five months.

From that moment on, her hypnotic blue eyes were captivating individuals in communities. Nala holds a Guinness World Record for being the most common Instagram cat with 4 million followers.

She also has well over 142,000 followers on TikTok and commonly creates innocence in her audience by uploading images of her home history.

You have already seen that there are all kinds of challenges that make TikTok more and more viral. We hope you enjoyed this post.

How to go viral at TikTok by making videos and challenges

Making a viral video depends on many things. Most of all, on the spontaneity of the creator and the idea of the video itself. Therefore, we want to show you with examples some ideas of how to go viral. Pay attention and check out each creation that has become famous in this social network.

The hard purpose of the friend zone

American Dominic Toliver is the king of short format online comedy. After creating a colossal audience at Vine, Dominic now has well over 6 million followers. These fans put well over 130 million hearts into his videos.

For his impeccable mix of comedy and music, and incorporating lyrics and songs into his sketches, his ultimate friend zone video received 1.2 million hearts.

Before the arrival of TikTok he was a regular at Vine. In this short format video application, he gained well over 90,000 followers. Dominik’s TikTok profile launched his career as a community star and comedian.

Cosplay went viral

Cosplay is the short form of “costume play”. The competitors wear popular costumes and accessories to represent a specific character in an artistic performance.

In the internet age, this means dressing up to show off as an anime, manga, Japanese rock, or Kpop character. However, It’s a huge bias in TikTok that inspired hundreds of videos. Thanks to these videos, this application has reached every corner of the world.


Making the joke flawless can be very complicated if you only have 15 seconds.

However, the TikTokers have mastered the art, performing pranks on their parents, friends and close acquaintances.

Fast pokes have become an integral section of TikTok, and have redefined the way comedy is performed.

With its skits, scary people, and creative editing, TikTok’s prank wars are the newest and most entertaining home videos. Individuals not only make jokes and tease their friends, but also compete with each other for the power of the largest proportion of hearts.

The Ice Cream Man

This ice-cream maker became popular with its production of rolled ice cream “for all beautiful women”.

The man who is popular for his artisan technique of making ice cream is the co-founder of Pan-n-Ice, Rob Huysinga. In addition, he is the mastermind of this phenomenal video.

After a video of him, making ice cream on a frozen plate at a kiosk in England caught the attention of TikTok individuals; 14 thousand individuals saw his magnificent mix of Nutella and Oreo elements on Twitter.

Right now he has a recurring track and is using his talents to carry out the good.

Today, he makes ice cream for charities, drawing attention to worthy causes.

Teenagers eat their own fingers

The finger-eating meme generated several dead people laughing and others bordering on tears.

Several individuals were part of the construction of the meme with the mirror effect of TikTok. The result is a mesmerizing optical illusion ready to be shared.

The videos are reminiscent of the extravagant PhotoBooth visual effects webcam that generated hours of distraction.

Cringe videos

The cringe aspect belongs to the basis of TikTok’s triumph. For a while, Cringe videos were the essence of the application.

Usually these are videos in which someone does something embarrassing or really annoying.

The individuals on YouTube take the cringe videos and create compilations and reactions to them.

As TikTok has evolved, individuals have adopted the distraction of making cringe content.

Duos have become very viral

Duos or duets are another central section of the TikTok experience. Think of it as remixing a song. People have the possibility to take someone else’s video and add it.

It’s like performing a joke and offering someone else the chance to perform the punch line.

Among other things, someone can broadcast a video dancing to the previously quoted Taylor Swift song. Then other TikTok individuals have the possibility to take that video and add themselves by performing these dance moves.

What benefits have viral videos brought to TikTok?

Being in the Alexa rankings

At the beginning of March 2020, the TikTok web portal had a top 412 in Alexa (i.e. Alexa believes the web portal is the most viewed 412 in the world).

This compares to an Alexa top of 3,225 in early January 2019 and 4,778 in November 2018.

This change reveals precisely the greatest popularity of TikTok in recent times.

Significant Family Income

To cite one example, 37% of TikTok’s U.S. individuals report family assets of well over $100,000.

In the USA, TikTok is more common among members of wealthy families. According to MarketingCharts, 37% of its U.S. individuals come from households with $100,000 or more in capital.

On the other hand, it is also subjectively common among low-income families. Eighteen percent of its individuals claim to come from households that earn less than $25,000 each year.

These statistics are biased by the exclusion of those under 18 is an important part of TikTok’s target audience.

In addition, several of the low-income households would be likely to be student flats, poor at the moment but likely to be wealthy when they graduate.

As you’ve seen, being viral doesn’t distinguish between race, religion, or demographics, or finances. Going viral is an attitude, and TikTok offers you that opportunity.

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