Making a viral video depends on many things. Most of all, on the spontaneity of the creator and the idea of the video itself. Therefore, we want to show you with examples some ideas of how to go viral. Pay attention and check out each creation that has become famous in this social network.

The hard purpose of the friend zone

American Dominic Toliver is the king of short format online comedy. After creating a colossal audience at Vine, Dominic now has well over 6 million followers. These fans put well over 130 million hearts into his videos.

For his impeccable mix of comedy and music, and incorporating lyrics and songs into his sketches, his ultimate friend zone video received 1.2 million hearts.

Before the arrival of TikTok he was a regular at Vine. In this short format video application, he gained well over 90,000 followers. Dominik’s TikTok profile launched his career as a community star and comedian.

Cosplay went viral

Cosplay is the short form of “costume play”. The competitors wear popular costumes and accessories to represent a specific character in an artistic performance.

In the internet age, this means dressing up to show off as an anime, manga, Japanese rock, or Kpop character. However, It’s a huge bias in TikTok that inspired hundreds of videos. Thanks to these videos, this application has reached every corner of the world.


Making the joke flawless can be very complicated if you only have 15 seconds.

However, the TikTokers have mastered the art, performing pranks on their parents, friends and close acquaintances.

Fast pokes have become an integral section of TikTok, and have redefined the way comedy is performed.

With its skits, scary people, and creative editing, TikTok’s prank wars are the newest and most entertaining home videos. Individuals not only make jokes and tease their friends, but also compete with each other for the power of the largest proportion of hearts.

The Ice Cream Man

This ice-cream maker became popular with its production of rolled ice cream “for all beautiful women”.

The man who is popular for his artisan technique of making ice cream is the co-founder of Pan-n-Ice, Rob Huysinga. In addition, he is the mastermind of this phenomenal video.

After a video of him, making ice cream on a frozen plate at a kiosk in England caught the attention of TikTok individuals; 14 thousand individuals saw his magnificent mix of Nutella and Oreo elements on Twitter.

Right now he has a recurring track and is using his talents to carry out the good.

Today, he makes ice cream for charities, drawing attention to worthy causes.

Teenagers eat their own fingers

The finger-eating meme generated several dead people laughing and others bordering on tears.

Several individuals were part of the construction of the meme with the mirror effect of TikTok. The result is a mesmerizing optical illusion ready to be shared.

The videos are reminiscent of the extravagant PhotoBooth visual effects webcam that generated hours of distraction.

Cringe videos

The cringe aspect belongs to the basis of TikTok’s triumph. For a while, Cringe videos were the essence of the application.

Usually these are videos in which someone does something embarrassing or really annoying.

The individuals on YouTube take the cringe videos and create compilations and reactions to them.

As TikTok has evolved, individuals have adopted the distraction of making cringe content.

Duos have become very viral

Duos or duets are another central section of the TikTok experience. Think of it as remixing a song. People have the possibility to take someone else’s video and add it.

It’s like performing a joke and offering someone else the chance to perform the punch line.

Among other things, someone can broadcast a video dancing to the previously quoted Taylor Swift song. Then other TikTok individuals have the possibility to take that video and add themselves by performing these dance moves.

What benefits have viral videos brought to TikTok?

Being in the Alexa rankings

At the beginning of March 2020, the TikTok web portal had a top 412 in Alexa (i.e. Alexa believes the web portal is the most viewed 412 in the world).

This compares to an Alexa top of 3,225 in early January 2019 and 4,778 in November 2018.

This change reveals precisely the greatest popularity of TikTok in recent times.

Significant Family Income

To cite one example, 37% of TikTok’s U.S. individuals report family assets of well over $100,000.

In the USA, TikTok is more common among members of wealthy families. According to MarketingCharts, 37% of its U.S. individuals come from households with $100,000 or more in capital.

On the other hand, it is also subjectively common among low-income families. Eighteen percent of its individuals claim to come from households that earn less than $25,000 each year.

These statistics are biased by the exclusion of those under 18 is an important part of TikTok’s target audience.

In addition, several of the low-income households would be likely to be student flats, poor at the moment but likely to be wealthy when they graduate.

As you’ve seen, being viral doesn’t distinguish between race, religion, or demographics, or finances. Going viral is an attitude, and TikTok offers you that opportunity.