TikTok Calculator

Today we’ll talk about a social network that is unrealistically rapidly gaining popularity. We are talking about the Tick Tok application, which, to date, has already been installed by more than 1 billion users of the App Store and Google Play around the world. So, how to make money in Tick Tok and calculate potential profit using a special TikTok Calculator. First things first …

Table of contents

  1. What is Tick Tok and why is it becoming popular
  2. How to make money in Tick Tok
  3. Hоw to unwind a channel in Tick Tok 
  4. How to calculate potential revenue using a TikTok Calculator

What is TikTok Calculator and why is it becoming popular

 Tick ​​current is an application in which users can upload short videos, and thanks to built-in algorithms, these videos can gain thousands or millions of views. In the 1st quarter of 2019 alone, the Tick Tok application received about 200 million new installations. It is noteworthy that 47% of these downloads came from India, and the largest number of users of Tick Tok is in China. Judging by the reviews, there are now more than 500 million users in India.

As for the Russian audience, the company itself revealed some data:

  • The application is actively used by more than 8 million people every month;
  • Russian users watch 10 billion videos a month, spending on average about 40 minutes a day.

Given the active growth in popularity and the fact that the application is quite new, we can safely say that Tik Tok has great potential. And not only in Russia, but throughout the world. And what is extremely important, at the moment, Tick Tok provides everyone with absolutely equal opportunities for promotion. What has not been on YouTube or Instagram for a long time .

Practice shows that a short video shot literally on the knee and not having any special meaning is also capable of gaining millions of views.

This is facilitated by the video ranking algorithm, which actively recommends new videos to viewers. Regardless of how popular the channel’s author is. And it’s worth using if you want to earn at Tick Tok, as it will be more difficult further.

Already there are many striking examples of how people, having opened a channel in Tick Tok, in just a couple of days gain half a million views. From complete zero, without any additional promotion and investment.

Is it possible to get such indicators somewhere else? No. Now this is only possible in Tick Tok.

How to make money in TikTok and calculate using a TikTok Calculator

Despite the fact that getting a ton of views and likes in Tik Tok is now extremely easy, making money for a newcomer without experience and an audience will not be as easy as on any other platform.

If the goal is income and earnings in Tick Tok, then you should concentrate on the subject of your content and on the recruitment of subscribers.

It is a specific topic and audience that are important to advertisers. You need to get at least 50 – 100 thousand subscriptions. To do this in Tick Tok is much easier today than in other applications.

After the minimum audience is created, you need to add an e-mail address for commercial inquiries on the main page of the profile so that you can be contacted.

Any user should understand that you are ready to sell ads.

For most advertisers, Tick Tok is still like an unknown field, they may have little information, conversion statistics, etc., so there are not many of them yet. But this is only a matter of time.

You can be sure that this application will become no less popular than the same Instagram. Big brands will start buying ads from major bloggers. Everything goes to this.

And you can earn money at the initial stage:

  • advertising other Tick Tok channels;
  • advertising goods and services, including affiliate offers ;
  • merge traffic to YouTube, Instagram, as well as to their sites , additionally pumping them.

Hоw to unwind a channel in Tick Tok

In order to promote your channel as quickly as possible, you can use special platforms for cheating / promotion.

For example, the Tik-top.com service offers a free period of use during which you can tighten up your account a bit and evaluate the full functionality of this platform.

You can also use the Tiktok-free.com service for free , in which you can complete the tasks of other participants – advertisers, and use the accumulated points to promote your channel.

Using paid options of the same services significantly increases the quality and speed of promotion. But it’s all not so expensive, in general.

  • Tik-top.com is the most popular site with a user-friendly interface, understandable even for beginners. The main advantages are affordable prices, guarantee of results, bonuses and gifts in the form of likes or page views. You can promote several pages at once in different social networks;
  • TmSMM is a multifunctional service that offers the acquisition of likes, views, page visits, subscriptions and marks. It is possible to promote several pages at once;
  • Tiktop-Free is a universal promotion store with a bunch of various functions and promotion packages.

How to calculate potential revenue using a TikTok Calculator

 You can calculate the approximate income in the Tick Tok application using a special TikTok Calculator that takes into account not only the number of subscribers and likes (which you can cheat), but also the activity of your followers.

It is activity that directly affects the conversion of advertising companies and, accordingly, your income. To do this, you need to create original, interesting and thematic content so that your subscribers regularly return to the channel, like, comment, etc. Everything is exactly the same as on YouTube or Instagram.

Unfortunately, I have not developed my own yet, but maybe I’ll do it in the near future.

Of course, the information presented will be approximate, but looking at other people’s profiles and figuring out how much they can earn is quite interesting.

This TikTok Calculator is only suitable for our European version of Tick Tok. With the accounts of the Chinese version of Douyin – will not work.