There are ways to make money at TikTok. Let’s be precise and know about it. There are several ways to make money and they are these:

You must understand your audience

You have to start by asking yourself why people would want to follow you. What do you offer that hundreds of other accounts don’t? Is it fun? Are you a great artist, musician, dancer or stand-up comedian? Are you so bad at doing those things that your videos make you laugh? Can you make funny joke videos?

Can you motivate the crowd or provide them with important tips to make their lives better? Or are you simply a lip-syncer without adding any value to your video clips?

Plus, this assists you to better understand your audience. You are not making videos for yourself. Nor should you be making a wide variety of videos trying to make everyone happy.

Successful TikTokers make videos they know their audience will like. On the other hand, it’s a lot simpler to devote your attention to a particular group of people than it is to make random content.

Perfect your profile

One of the most indispensable parts of TikTok is your profile. This is your “page” on which you can detail your identity. There, you will want your profile to look interesting to your target audience.

Your profile requires you to highlight your identity as a creator. You must show your audience the purpose why they should subscribe to your page.

Your profile is going to be the place where a lot of people will have the first impression about you. That’s why you’ll want to stand out from the crowd.

If you are starting from scratch, you have the possibility to make the username special. It should be simple to say and write for the crowd, and predominantly important to you and your niche.

It’s best to use the same username for all your communities, so your TikTok followers will know how to find you on YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram.

The type of videos you want to communicate should be evident to everyone who watches your profile.

On the other hand, be careful, especially if you are a regular young TikToker. Several evil people play TikTok.

Don’t give out too much personal information on your profile, or upload pictures/videos that untrustworthy people might take advantage of.

For this reason, you should make sure that nothing in the background of your pictures/videos gives much information about where you live.

Earn money wit TikTok

Follow the simple rules and conventions for uploading videos

There are some expectations of the TikTokers when they upload videos. At first, you need to be sure not to violate the general guidelines for TikTok content. There should be nothing in your videos that is unsuitable, hate speech, racism, etc.

Keep in mind that some older people do a TikTok, so be careful when uploading videos of yourself doing very normal daily occupations that evil people might take advantage of (e.g. is it really good initiative to upload a video of you and your friends at a sleepover?)

Keep in mind that TikTok is a public community. Anyone can watch your videos.

Like Snapchat and IGTV, the convention at TikTok is to upload vertical videos. The ideal ratio is 1080×1920. Write a correct specification on each video and have important hashtags inside.

Choose an attractive thumbnail image for each video. And be sure to choose the right categories for your videos.

Follow these tips from our ultimate guide and you’ll succeed on this network.

Earn money as TkiTokers do

The most famous TikTokers have the chance to earn money between $50k-150k for a successful branded organization.

In order for TikTok’s influencer marketing to be successful, it is essential that the brand and the influencer speak with the same tone.

Among other things, influencers must fit naturally with the type of people who would like to buy that brand’s products.

Some influencers should be wary of a brand that tries to change the way they do TikTok. Your fans watch your videos because they like what you do or say. They’re not going to see you to hear a brand’s message.

With successful influencer marketing, you’ll have the ability to comment naturally on brands (or use their products commonly in a video).

If the product has no relationship with you, your viewers will be disappointed and question your veracity. The last thing you want from an influencer marketing organization is to be asked to make a ready-made video. Worse yet, uploading a ready-made video by someone else.

If you have received money for a promotional publication, consider broadcasting this event.

Earn money from brand-sponsored events

Thanks to the rating they earn in TikTok, some TikTokers have the possibility to get money outside the interface.

Commonly brands will approach them to appear at events like Beautycon or Comic-con.

In this case, the brand will pay you to represent them on an interface to accompany the brand. Also, if you’ve made your mark on TikTok as an excellent musician, the brand will provide you with the opportunity to perform live on their behalf.

Selling merchandise will make you earn money

If you have developed a large enough companion base at TikTok, you might consider starting an e-commerce store. To do so, we recommend you to earn money with Shopify. From there, sell merchandise to your audience.

Marketing professionals have the possibility to transform their TikTok images into a brand. Consequently, sell that brand with the appearance of merchandise. Thus, you create a feeling of uniqueness.

You can be unique here!

That is, they only have the possibility to purchase the T-shirt that promotes your brand directly from the Shopify store through your TikTok account.

Fans have the chance to wear that shirt and somehow feel original. This is because they know that those who don’t use TikTok won’t have access to it.

The initial step for selling merchandise is to first create a network. You can do this easily by interacting with your followers in TikTok. Live broadcasts have the potential to be especially useful in encouraging social networking sentiment.

In fact, you can make videos in TikTok to sell any kind of merchandise, not just a Shopify store. If you sell handmade products on Etsy (for example), make videos showing your products. Then (and maybe even your production techniques), upload them to your TikTok channel.

Keep in mind that your fans don’t go to TikTok to see ads. If you upload videos advertising your merchandise, they have to be attractive. This is easier to do with some niches than others.

Here is an example of a strategy you can apply

If your niche is crafts, your videos have the potential to be academic. This, because you can show how to make your products. However, it is much more complicated to make authentic promotional videos. That’s because most of your videos detail you syncing to someone else’s music.

Another way to sell your own merchandise is to take part in network marketing. Here, you recommend some products to your followers and include a link that takes them directly to an online store to purchase the product.

You will receive an agreed percentage of the sales, as long as they follow your link in relation to the deal you have made.

You can suggest discount coupons if you choose to encourage your followers to follow your link. This, instead of buying the product directly from anywhere at full price.

These are the most common ways to earn money with TikTok. You can also find out how you can get by researching profiles similar to what you want to do. You do this by using the TikTok Money Calculator. It will give you estimates of how much you can earn. So get creative and start developing content.