Before we talk about the challenges that have become viral TikTok, let’s hear some history. When Vine closed two years ago, it left a colossal hole in our hearts.

All this was until we discovered TikTok, the new but not really new community interface. There, individuals post short 15-second videos of something. They make everything from jokes and dance challenges to pet videos in funny costumes.

The Chinese community TikTok, first popular as in the US, had a surprising rise. It became a never-ending source of short, creative sketches, similar to the even shorter Vine parodies.

It is most popular for its performance memes and lip-syncing based on music and other sound clips.

These are played and remixed among his adolescent subjects more than anything else. That’s why it’s also commonly referred to as the lip-sync app.

Anyway, if you think TikTok is a bit cringe and bizarre, it’s because you probably grew up in the era before this community.

Generation Z loves the entertaining online interface and right now several are making money off of it.

It’s easy, entertaining, and disrespectful. It’s also a refreshing change of pace from more serious interfaces like Twitter and Facebook.

Also, it’s the ultimate procrastination application and can hook you on your phone for hours.

All this, is thanks to the challenges, too. By the way, challenges represent a way to engage and interact with your audience.

It’s also a way to viralize the content. So we bring you some of the global challenges and campaigns that have impacted the world.

I’m already tracer video

The video “I’m Already Tracer” became the definition of a catchy tune. The meme is a succession of duets in which individuals record videos of themselves performing a lip-sync of the lyrics of The Living Tombstone’s song “No Mercy”.

It all started in 2017 when the YouTube Mashed channel uploaded an animated music video for the song.

The song has a segment inside where the YouTubers Black Gryphon and LittleJayneyCakes sing a fight about which individuals have to choose in the Overwatch game.

The extraction of the song became hundreds of videos of TikTok individuals representing their own version of the lyrics and reached cult status.

Dance on the stairs challenges

Who doesn’t love a catchy dance? Add to this some dancers coordinating a chorus on the stairs and you’ve got a viral meme.

The difficult purpose of TikTok’s stair shuffle dance challenge was to have so many individuals moving around on the stairs.

It even led to the construction of manuals about how to perform the dance. The melody is simply addictive. BTW, don’t try to do this at home without adult supervision.

Adele’s Gummy Bear Song

The scene begins with a lonely gummy bear singing the first expressions of Adele’s song “Someone like you” to the four winds.

Then Adele’s microphone is cut off and the audience sings to the rest of the chorus as the camera slides over a crowd of gummi bears.

The crowd of gummi bears stretches as far as the eye can see as hundreds of bears sing with Adele. It is the happy video of the year and inspired similar productions in TikTok.

Karma is a bitch challenge

The difficult purpose of “Karma is a Bitch” is the ultimate revenge. In it, individuals start a video in which they look normal. Then, they pass a scarf, blanket or piece of clothing over their heads to reveal a beautiful, hotter or more interesting look.

There is also an ironic edit where the individuals detail themselves equally after removing the blanket, pointing out the hashtag #showyourbeauty.

Disguised pets

Beyond what attracts us, why does the crowd disguise their pets? To make entertaining videos on TikTok.

These guys who dress up their dogs as stuffed animals and have them run around in the corridor finally have a sense of humor, and that’s what the app is all about.

If you want to laugh, watch it. It’s unbelievably entertaining.

Interpretations of Taylor Swift’s songs

In April, pop sensation Taylor Swift released her single “Me!” with Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco. The video shows kaleidoscopic pastel colors, dance outfits, and numerous costume and level changes.

At this point it’s tilt with the hard purpose of fulfilling #AnotherLikeMe. Swift in its official TikTok account released a part of the music video “Me” with the hashtag #AnotherLikeMe and the text: “Show us your best dance recreations, use the MEdancechallaenge and let’s find our favorites”. Out of nowhere, the hard purpose went viral.

It wasn’t the first time one of Swift’s songs took the power of TikTok. The app is full of videos with Swift’s songs as the soundtrack.

Nala the cat

Nala is an 8-year-old cat. She’s a mixture of a tabby and a Siamese cat. She was crowned by the New York Shorty Awards as the TikToker of the Year in 2018. She was rescued from a shelter after five months.

From that moment on, her hypnotic blue eyes were captivating individuals in communities. Nala holds a Guinness World Record for being the most common Instagram cat with 4 million followers.

She also has well over 142,000 followers on TikTok and commonly creates innocence in her audience by uploading images of her home history.

You have already seen that there are all kinds of challenges that make TikTok more and more viral. We hope you enjoyed this post.