TikTok Challenge

TikTok Challenge is a great way to advance on the platform. The most important thing is free, on your own and talent. The video community is driven by the TikTok challenge. This is a direct motivation of users to create new content. That is how healthy competition in TikTok formed. Each ticker is given a chance to stand out from the others and create an original video .

In this section you will learn about TikTok Challenge, what it is and what it is eaten with. Stay current and keep up with trends. We will help you become popular and earn a bunch of dough. Go.

TikTok Challenge what is it?

Generally Challenge in translation from English Challenge means:

  • the problem
  • difficulty
  • task
  • challenge
  • to challenge
  • complicated
  • uneasy

TikTok challenge, in simple words – this is when your friends say: “Can you repeat it yourself?”. The popularity of this action in TikTok is easily explained. The program’s functionality allows you to add hashtags , create duets and quickly edit clips in 15 seconds.

The important thing is that 2/3 of the audience of TikTok are young people under 30 years old. They want to assert themselves, to test their strengths, to get emotions and still earn money, if everything is organized correctly. Only now all the calls, to perform any actions, come not only from friends, but also from subscribers or users who first downloaded TikTok to the gadget.

A simple video can cause a storm of positive emotions in the audience, and account activity will increase several times, without the use of prohibited methods of promotion.

Tick ​​Tok Challenge can be in any format – dangerous, harmless, funny and even useful. 

All calls are divided into two categories:

  1. Official from advertisers or TikTok administration. It can be an event, for example, the holiday of May 9, New Year and others.
  2. Independent from users (bloggers). These are mainly ideas that are not paid at the end of the call and without a winner.

TikTok challenge, both organic and sponsored, is often a combination of three elements: text , sound and movement (usually a choreographic dance ). Challenges Beginning start-up tickers, popular bloggers or artists with a large number of subscribers can launch. Brands also participate in events that have invested in TikTok ads.

How to challenge in TikTok?

To create an official challenge will cost a tidy sum. As an option, there is a way to raise your starting capital – record video in TikTok under a popular challenge. Celebrities already have a fan base and they help make money on the platform. But you are on the way to glory.

What to do next?

After you select a challenge from the list below, we proceed according to the plan:

  1. Write a script for the clip, be creative and you will be remembered by other ticktokers. Define an image in which you appear before subscribers and other users, work out the situation. You may need a props, find it or do it yourself.
  2. Equip your shooting area with good lighting.
  3. Make sure that the device is working properly and has sufficient charge. Do not forget about the time of the video, no more than 60 seconds. In some cases, recording acceleration (up to a maximum of three times) helps.
  4. Be sure to use the same audio file specified in the job.
  5. Use available masks, effects, smiles, stickers, filters.
  6. Before publishing, be sure to add the hashtag challenge Challenge Tok Tok.

Choose the best TikTok challenge 2020

Challenges аre now often published in connection with self-isolation. Our updated list will help you choose the one that suits you. Keep track of new things daily and stay in trend.

TikTok Challenge of Piss In Pants

Quarantine for some people did not give a positive result. Everything is a little aggravated and slowly mankind is going crazy. This is confirmed by the unusual or even crazy challenge of Tok Tok #peeyourpantschallenge. The task is: You have to stand in front of the mirror and piss in your pants. Video recording by another person is allowed, but the condition to urinate is not canceled.

User @ liamw2 was the first to launch challenge Pee your pants with unique promotion ideas in Tick Tok. His video became viral in a few hours and wаs removed for inappropriate content on the platform.

After some time, the video reappeared. But the ticker was already in dry shorts and pissed again. After the second publication, other weak-minded people began to join the performance (in any other way). It soon became a real challenge.

Challenge in TikTоk with hands:

Hand washing is a key way to protect yourself and your loved ones. All you need to do is spend 40 seconds of your time! In collaboration with WHO, TikTok encourages everyone to keep their hands clean and safe. Participate in Challenge #Clean Hands and show what you think while washing hands. Join in support of the World Health Organization against COVID-19.

EduTok: TikTok’s most popular challenge to date is encouraging users to create educational and motivational content around a variety of topics. In addition to this task, the application launched a mentoring program with leading social enterprises Josh Talks and the Nudge Foundation, which will reach 5,000 young people in 6 Indian states with lower literacy levels.

Hobbies at home: Share your favorite hobbies that you can do at home 

Earth Hour: Support the WWF Earth Hour initiative at TickTok! Share eco tips with the hashtag # Earth Hour or use the new sticker and take part in the quiz. Most importantly – do not forget to turn off the light on March 28 at 20-30.

Environmental education; On the eve of the Earth Hour action, take part in the WWF Russia and the EU project; People are nature. You need to draw attention to environmental issues and share videos on environmental education with Mia Boyka in a week. Share your videos with #Enlightenment #Everyone can #part of the earth.

TikTоk Uno Challenge;

Challenge in support of Little Big at the main European music competition in 2020! Shoot videos for the new UNO track and join the #unovisionchallenge!

Chair challenge: This Challenge with Tick Chair #chairchallenge drives men crazy! Why is it easier for women than men? Can you prove that men can win this competition too? Let’s do that!

  1. The participant needs to move 3 steps from the wall, bend 90 °.
  2. Focus the head against the wall.
  3. Press stool to chest.
  4. Then stand upright with a chair at the chest.

I can: Take a video and tell us what you want to do with this sound

Best in pet; How much do you love your pet ? Shoot a video and share with everyone with the hashtag #better

guess who: Record yourself with friends standing with their backs to the camera and turn with them! Anyone who brings face tracking closer to everyone will buy sweets for a month