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When is it best to upload videos to Tick Tok? You probably asked this question, even if you are a ticker or just downloaded the application. You also asked yourself: how to get subscribers to Tick Tok for free?


  1. Tips for uploading video to Tick Tok
  2. Find your X factor
  3. Conclusion

And you are not alone when it comes to finding answers to both puzzles. The truth is that finding the right time to post content on social networks is not easy. Of course, there are a lot of statistics and ideas for various platforms, but trends are formed and change almost daily. It is important to know when you generate tons of likes and subscriptions at a particular hour of the day, this does not guarantee that publications will tend.

So, how do you find the best time to publish to Tick Tok? And how do you maximize the creation of video content to attract more subscribers? In this article, we will ask two important questions that you should ask yourself in order to know when to upload videos to Tik Tok for users. Once you answer these questions, you will need to find a way to increase your audience.

To help, we’ll share tips you can use to create an attractive TikTok account. You can also see some results from over 100,000 publications that we have analyzed to find the best engagement rates.

  • When is it better to upload videos to Tick Tok
  • Best Time to Post to Tick Tok
  • Tips when it is better to upload video to Tick Tok

Social media has created an ongoing need for content consumption. Whether it’s a video, GIFs or article links, people like to flip through their channels to find something to pass the time. And while creating video content should always be your goal (something we will also look at below), you also need to know when you need to reach your audience.

Here are two questions you can ask yourself to find the best time to upload videos to Tick Tok:

Where is your Tick Tok audience located?

Tik Tok, like all social media platforms, has a global user base. For example, 1 out of 7 people in Thailand downloaded the app. There are over 20 million users in India, while China is included in the gigantic 150 million and more than 14 million in the United States.

Why do these numbers matter for Tick Tok?

Well, if you have a global Internet audience, it automatically affects how much content you produce. This also applies to when you should post videos. Time zones automatically determine how much of your video content will be viewed during the busiest hours within a given country.

How do you use this information to find the time when it’s best to upload videos to Tick Tok?

First, find out where your subscribers are. Tick ​​Tok offers the ability to turn your regular account into a Pro Account. Profiles with the PRO prefix are equipped with a set of new functions, one of which includes analytics.

Analytics will show how many followers you have, what is their gender split, and the territories from which your followers come. If you have not switched to a Pro account yet, do so directly.

What time does your Tick Tok audience wake up?

You have already figured out where your online audience is. Now it’s time to find out when they woke up.

This part may seem a little complicated, but it’s actually a simple matter of understanding time zones. For example, if you are in Kiev and you have followers in Moscow and Kiev, the time difference is only one hour. In this case, you have enough time to track when subscribers wake up. In fact, with such a small time difference, your publication schedule will not be disrupted.

On the other hand, if you have a large audience in North America and the UK, this is different, you will have a plan and a schedule of media content with a time difference of eight hours.

Unfortunately, TickTock has some kind of scheduling function. In addition, there are no social media management apps yet that would allow you to link your Tik Tok account to publish or schedule content.

But how to solve the problem?

Schedule content to cover the large areas fans come from.

It will also be difficult to maintain if you have fans in countries with a large time difference, but it seems that this is the only way to cover the placement of media content for your own Internet audience.

Having established when it’s best to upload videos to Tick Tok, the time has come to share our tips on how to recruit subscribers for free.

Find your X Factor

If you want to attract an audience, you have to find something that makes you special. Most people think that your X factor is a skill or physical trait, but it’s not. This is a set of characteristics that stand out outside your appearance. Your appearance and skills complement your X-Factor.

For example, Logan Paul and Lisa Kosh are known for funny and crazy short videos. They have a keen sense of humor. Both of them have strong comedic personalities that they let shine on social networks.

Not sure what your X Factor is? Ask friends and family what you like best. You will have enough time to move forward immediately.


The growth in the number of subscribers to Tik Tok depends on a number of factors. First, you need to know where your audience is. Then you need to set the best time to publish on TikTok based on the time zone difference (yours and theirs). Together, these factors will help you determine when your followers are likely to be on the Internet and search for more of your content.

But to increase user engagement, you will need more than the right time of day to post video content. Look for your special feature and share it, create more content, use collaborations with tickers and hashtags. If you consistently apply these tips, then you will be on the right track to the growing number of followers in the shortest possible time.