Agencies are a fundamental part of TikTok’s monetization process. Therefore, we have dedicated this post, to know a little more about the world of agencies.

Each one of them allows influencers to get creative. This, to the extent that they can make agreements to promote their products or services.

This is important because many creators in TikTok are looking to monetize their creations. All this in order to get money for it.

Also and growing their fame and even achieve an agreement with some brand. Nevertheless, brands work mostly with advertising agencies. This agency is the one that sets the trends within digital marketing.

Over the past few years, we have written on numerous occasions about’s potential for influencer marketing. When combined with a community that exists under that name, is now TikTok.

However, the potential for the success of influencer marketing is still prominent.

Many of the leading influencer marketing agencies recognized this and included TikTok in their compilation of communities they work with.

For all these reasons, we introduce you to the agencies we consider to hire the most TikTokers.


Fanbytes is the most important network of TikTok influencers around the world.

It assists brands like Warner, Atlantic and Universal to reach the youngest audience on TikTok and with an ensemble of Millennials and Generation Z. They meet the requirements to do so.

Their Generation Z experience has earned those investments from the Kamani family, the makers of Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing, which is proof of their understanding of how to reach younger audiences.

They work closely with global brands to develop campaigns using their experience in well over 100 TikTok influencer campaigns.

Whether it’s duet chains, transition challenges, or meme-style content, their understanding of what works in TikTok.

That enabled them to publish viral campaigns, as well as the Major Lazer operation that reached the TikTok trends page and made well over 50,000 videos about that song.

And most importantly, they have so much faith in their knowledge and experience in TikTok that they guarantee results and commitment for every operation they launch.


Obviously it is a full-service influencer marketing agency that works with brands and influencers from most communities, introducing TikTok.

They adjust each operation to the business pretensions. They are dedicated to all aspects of influencer marketing, offering a complete and exceptional service for companies that require assistance with their influencer campaigns.

The professionals at Obviously understand the social media landscape very well.

They will guide you to the ideal channel for your brand and ensure that you get the highest benefit from your influencer operation.

If your brand is targeting a young audience (with a female bias), then TikTok could fit very well into your influencer marketing.

It will obviously advise you and provide you with help in finding the special influencers for your operation.

They have the possibility to manage your network in every step of the operation, from identifying influencers to relationship management, to find the re-engagement.

Obviously alerts the influencers when their products arrive, gives advice on content, and filters the publications by their quality.

When an influencer has concerns throughout an operation. Also, Obviously handles them lightly and effectively. This fact keeps the influencer happy and freeing the brand from stress.


The UK-based influencer-marketing agency, PMYB, has long recognized the consideration of TikTok (formerly Specially, for brands that focus on young audiences, mainly with a bias towards female audiences.

The authors of TikTok are impeccable at targeting Generation Z.

PMYB notes that the most important requirement for a successful community is that its individuals feel part of a social network. TikTok succeeds admirably in fulfilling this purpose.

Hundreds of authors that PMYB collaborates with on TikTok go viral (some directly on TikTok, others outside of it).

PMYB offers to work with special niche influencers – both on TikTok and on the other networks. In fact, they generally have a list of 17,000 influencers from well over 40 industries.

They call their top influencers, Chromo-Influencers.

PMYB rates each influencer according to 46 essential data points that they have found to contribute to dominance. They call these Chromo-Factors. Only 3% of primary influencers are genuine Chromo-Influencers.


Mediakix is a rigidly established American influence-marketing agency, which provides a wide range of services to its users. This has within it working with TikTok influencers when it is important for the operation of a brand.

The agency was created in 2011 and aims, through influencer marketing, to connect leading brands around the world with passion and socially engaged audiences.

It’s brand and sponsored content campaigns engage audiences, develop brand awareness, brand loyalty, and product sales.

Mediakix responsibly created a network of the special TikTok authors, to be joined by their YouTubers, Instagrammers, Snapchatters and most other communities.

Generally, MediaKix’s network of influencers reaches an audience of well over 25 million followers. In addition, they realized the value of cross-promotion of TikTok content on other interfaces such as Twitter and Instagram.

Once we have seen the most important agencies worldwide or at least by continent, we can realize the potential of TikTok.

That’s why it’s important to visit each of them and see if your content can be liked by some of these agencies.

The power of digital marketing has crossed all borders and this could be your opportunity. Take advantage of all the tools that exist such as those on our website to get the most out of TikTok.