It’s not always clear which content in TickTok you need to watch, and which is just a useless crack. But still, whom to look at Tick Tok? We have selected for you some really interesting accounts. Perhaps you decide to sign up for one of them today.

If you have a friend or relative of a teenager, you should know what Tick Tok is. Recall that this is a platform for creating and sharing short videos. Sometimes the meaning of the clips is inexplicable, absurd or just ridiculous. Ticktokers create lip synchronization with video, dance, sing, cook, take part in the challenge.

1. King Science: @ king.science

You will learn how to draw in 15 seconds. The very first thing that the author of the videos suggests doing before you start drawing is to look at yourself in the mirror. The account has collected 698.9 thousand subscribers and 10.5 million hearts. The profile description says: “I do art, create cartoon stories.”

2.bb: @bortprovodnik

Flight attendant of the Russian airline in Tick Tok. The guy gives detailed answers to frequently asked questions of passengers. In some videos, he destroys the myths about airplanes, tells funny stories that happened to him on board. Answers the most common questions of passengers.

3.barista za Trista: @baristaparty

The young and beautiful girl’s name is Sabina. She works as a barista and offers to plunge into the world of coffee. Barista creates the same content as that of the flight attendant, only broadcasts barista’s working moments and the process of preparing delicious coffee. Sometimes customers get into her videos and get funny content.

4. prochladny: @prochladny

This young man seems to be following the concept of the TikTok app playing the guitar and singing songs. After watching several videos, it becomes clear that he takes questions from the well-known service Mail.ru Answers as the text of his songs.

5. The same raccoon Tyoma: @ raccoon.tema

The one and only TickTok Raccoon Tyoma. Forest dweller, got a family of two – a young married couple. The animal plays, lounges lying on the floor or in his house, constantly chewing something or spoiling the furniture. Kids and adults love videos with his participation. Subscribe is worth it to everyone.

6. Artyom: @artemmkeyy

Artyom’s clips feature young performers of popular songs who must guess the famous tracks by emoji or the first lines of the text. Still need to have time to press the red button and finish the hit. A sort of cool transmission of the late 90’s – “Guess the melody” with Valdis Pelsh.

7. U.: @theweatherwasawful

The attractive girl U appears in the video. She is not just beautiful, she is also an excellent cook, guys should be attentive to her and polite in the comments. with different recipes, food is sometimes delayed for several hours. In 15 seconds, you will learn how to cook oven pies, chicken sandwich, lemonade and much more. Subscribe and not be hungry.

8. NickUhas: @nickuhas

Nick is already an adult, but as a child he didn’t finish the game, and now Tok Tok appeared, where he embodies unrealized boyish jokes in reality. A lot of explosions, fire, chemical reactions. Everything is quite loud and exciting.

9. Lifehacks: @diy_ok

You probably know that everything ingenious is simple and lies under your nose. Life hacks for people who have accumulated a lot of different things in the pantry or garage. It is easy and simple to create a football field and players from 3 sheets of paper. We advise you to watch how to do it and record the video yourself.

10. dog on TickTok: @dog

Everything is clear and understandable – “A man is a friend of a dog. Everyone knows this. ” We advise you to subscribe to this profile and enjoy life together.

Mark Zuckerberg and his secret account at TickTok. What is he hiding?

Mark Zuckerberg seems to be closely following the rapid growth of the TickTok teen platform. And it’s not just following the application through Facebook news bulletins. Mark quietly created his own account in Tick Tok.

Users found Zuckerberg’s personal TikTok account with the nickname @finkd. The profile description clearly states: “Founder and CEO at Facebook”. Which is translated into Russian: “Founder and CEO on Facebook.”

The account has not been verified for TickTock, but it does refer to Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram profile. The Facebook chapter is also following @finkd on his active Twitter account.

Zuckerberg seems to be something like the ghost of Tick Tok. The account has a modest number of subscribers – 4089 people and zero activity, without published videos or likes.

The only activity is in relation to celebrity accounts. Zuckerberg monitors only 61 people in Tick Tok. All but three have blue checkmarks marking them as verified or popular creator accounts.

Here’s a short list of TickTok celebrities that Mark Zuckerberg is following. Why are they, it is not clear ?!
  • Famous musicians – Will Smith, Jason Derulo, Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Olli Merce (269,000 subscribers) and Gwen Stefani.
  • Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal – Shaquille O’Neal
  • Tik Tok superstars such as Lauren Gray (34.9 million followers), Baby Ariel (29.9 million), Jacob Sartorius (21 million), Lucas and Marcus Dobre (18.1 million), Daniel Cohn (14.5 million subscribers).
  • Jiffpom, Pomeranian Spitz dog with 19.5 million subscribers.
  • Three accounts without verification: Fashion Videos (7 million subscribers), a podcast named Russ Turner (193,000 subscribers), plus an account that apparently belongs to a teenage girl (406,000 subscribers).

TikTok has become a major threat to Facebook, becoming a favorite of the Z generation, as the age of the Facebook user and their activity are reduced. Now let’s see if Mark Zuckerberg will be released when he was discovered on a competitor’s platform.

Mark Zuckerberg fights TickTok : Confrontation TickTok vs Facebook

In general, users of both platforms would be happy if there was a union with one big goal – to make the world a better place using technology. Mark, with all due respect: “Let’s live together”

Why is Mark Zuckerberg’s username at TickTok @finkd?

All this global chaos has its advantages, and Mark believes in it.

After Zuckerberg stopped visiting New York when his cousin was robbed by amateur droids, he ventured into the new path of telekinetic travel.

It was on one of these trips that he met Finkelton! – An unusually tiny kind of alien that helped him get a billion dollars in 3 months. So Facebook was born.

It turns out that @finkd is the name in Tick Tok, which is a monument to one of Mark’s best advisers from outer space.

Perhaps Zuckerberg, already on Twitter, wanted to use the name “finked”. But Dave Fink (@finked), in 2009, registered an account on Twitter a few days before Mark did it. Consequently, Mark took “@finkd.”

So the name “@finkd” doesn’t mean anything yet, but maybe for the better. If I add to the name I`m finked, then in the translation it turns out – “I screwed up,” which is relevant today. But this is just a pun and there is no connection with the real situation between Facebook and Tick Tok.

For information in the profile of Dave Fink @finked there are no tweets in 10 years. There is a hidden truth that only Zuckerberg and Dave know.